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Rainbow Grilled Cheese!

These grilled cheese sandwiches are so much fun to make and a blast to eat! Make them today for lunch!!  

Stuff you’ll need: 

Frying pan 


Cheese grater 

Bowls for mixing coloured cheese

White cheese of choice



Food colouring gel (liquid will work too) but gel gives the best punch of colour! 

1. Grate cheese and spit it up into five small bowls. 

2. Colour your cheese by dipping the ends your of fork into the food colouring gel and then stir it into your cheese. Repeat with the remaining colours, cleaning your fork each time. Remember a little bit of colour goes along away! 

3. Butter one side of each piece of bread. 

4. GRILLED CHEESE TIP: flip bread butter side down on your spatula and then assemble your sandwich! This will help you transfer the grilled cheese into the pan without losing any butter. 

5. Build your rainbow by making a line of coloured cheese across the length of your bread. Repeat with all of your colours, doing your best to keep your colours in a straight line! 

6. Grill sandwich on medium heat for 4 minutes a side or until golden brown. 

7. Don’t forget the ketchup! 

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